How to apply for 35ac

Application for 35ac Approval:-

If you have above specific objects and if you have a special cause to do a social welfare project, you can avail this 35 ac approval, if you feel that you have best fundraising source. Also the donors can get 100% tax exemption for the fund they are donating towards this 35 ac projects. When they donate funds to 35 ac project, as a receiver (non-profit NGO) you should provide the certificate FORM 58A.

Even if you get such 35 ac approval, if you don't have proper fundraising source, then please don't waste your time and efforts. Please read and fill the below 35 ac application form with required attachments and enclose proper files.

You can download the editable 35 ac application form and after filling as per the instruction in the given form, Make 4 sets of this application ( 2 sets- For your office copy and send the balance 2 sets to the below address)

The Secretary,
National Committee for Promotion of Social and Economic Welfare,
Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance,
Room No. 149, North Block, New Delhi-110 001

After you have sent the application, it will take much time to receive your approval and there are several possibilities to reject your application. So please fill the 35 ac form with due care.

If you get the approval, don't misuse it. The misuse of 35 ac by giving fake donation receipt may lead you upto 7 years of imprisonment and several penalties both for the donor and for the organization.